DJANGO Dog Blog - The Best Dog Toys: Plush, Interactive, & Tough Toys for Big and Small Pets -

The Best Dog Toys: Plush, Interactive, & Tough Toys for Big and Small Pets

We've treated our dachshund Django to countless toys over the years and have done a ton of research on toys in this time! In this DJANGO Dog Blog article, we highlight the absolute best dog toys. E...
DJANGO Dog Blog - Can pets fly in business and first class cabins on airlines? -

Are Pets Allowed in First Class and Business Class?

These days it is very common to see several pets and emotional support animals flying alongside of you in economy. But what about business class? Are pets allowed in the first class cabin? If so, ...
10 Best Small Dog Breeds to Take Hiking and Backpacking

10 Best Small Dog Breeds to Take Hiking and Backpacking

Are you looking for a smaller dog well suited for adventure? Here are the top dog breeds best suited for hiking, backpacking, and outdoor adventuring. In compiling this list we've considered athlet...
How to Fly with Your Dog In-Cabin To Hawaii

How to Take a Dog or Cat to Hawaii and Avoid Quarantine

Are you looking to fly in-cabin with your dog or cat to Hawaii without the risk of quarantine? In this DJANGO Dog Blog article we provide a comprehensive overview of Hawaii's pre-arrival pet requi...
DJANGO Dog Blog - Best french bulldog gifts for frenchie lovers

The Ultimate French Bulldog Lovers Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for a french bulldog lover in your life? We've compiled our favorite frenchie-themed goods for every member of the family.
DJANGO Dog Blog - Can I fly with my large dog in cabin?

Can large dogs fly in cabin on airlines?

Is there any airline that will allow my large dog to travel with us in the cabin?  This is a question we at DJANGO Dog Blog get frequently. An increasing number of dog owners are traveling with th...
Intervetebral disc disease in dogs (IVDD) - Explanation, symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment options - by DJANGO -

Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD) in Dogs | Causes, Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

What exactly is IVDD? We did a LOT of research to better understand the unfortunate and often painful condition that affects 20% of dachshunds. Here is everything you need to know: causes and symp...
Flying with Pets In-Cabin to the United Kingdom

Flying with Pets In-Cabin to the United Kingdom

Mike and I started planning our first pet-friendly trip to London, England a few weeks ago. We've already been to Europe with Django once and even got him a EU Pet Passport in Paris. Planning the ...
DJANGO - The story of a modern dog carrier bag and the long-haired dachshund who inspired the design -

TOTES Magotes: The Story of a Modern Dog Carrier Bag and the Dachshund Who Inspired It

This is the story behind DJANGO's newest design, a waxed canvas and leather dog carrier bag designed for weekday commutes and weekend getaways. Inspired by life in New York City with a small but mi...