About Us

DJANGO is a USA small business with a passion for dogs, outdoor adventure, and innovative design. We make high-performance and adventure-ready dog accessories and apparel for pet parents that take their four-legged family everywhere. All dogs are adventure dogs!

Our story

DJANGO was launched by Steph and Mike, a couple madly in love with their adventure dog Django. In the past decade, the family has lived in New York City, the Pacific Northwest, Southern California, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. They've adventured throughout the US and Canada and traveled to Europe with Django.

In the last several years, Django has helped welcome a few new siblings into the family. The house grew from three to five with the arrival of Django's two little brothers. In early 2024, the family grew to six with the arrival of Django's little sister.

what inspires us

A lifestyle of travel and adventure and passion for four-legged family have inspired DJANGO's modern and innovative line of dog accessories, dog apparel, and pet carriers. Our mission is to help you and your dog get outside, travel, and adventure more often.

DJANGO's current collection includes best selling dog harnesses and leashes, widely acclaimed waxed canvas and leather dog carrier bagsall-season dog raincoats, insulated winter dog coats, elevated dog walking belt bags, and more.

making waves both on and offline

DJANGO has been featured across the media spectrum with notable highlights seen in Business Insider, Forbes, MSN, and Reader's Digest. DJANGO's waxed canvas and leather dog carrier bag was rated the best hands-free dog carrier bag by the American Kennel Club and best dog carrier for small dogs by BarkBox.

Eco-conscious endeavors

DJANGO is a USA family-owned business with a focus on environmental preservation and sustainability. We donate a portion of proceeds to U.S. non-profit organizations that support clean ocean initiatives, thriving coastal communities, and forest conservation.