DJANGO - The Pets Table Dog Food Review: Our Experience with the Newest Fresh Dog Food Brand -

The Pets Table Dog Food Review: Our Experience with the Newest Fresh Dog Food Subscription Service

September 08, 2023

Mike and I (Steph) have loved ordering HelloFresh meal kits over the years. While we absolutely love cooking from scratch, sometimes we have no time to get to the grocery store. Between growing DJANGO, our USA dog accessories and apparel small business, being parents to two toddlers, and taking care of our adorable longhaired dachshund, Django, there's truly no time to spare these days!

I was thrilled when I heard HelloFresh was launching a new premium fresh dog food delivery brand. The Pets Table, a subscription-based service offering premium fresh and air-dried dog food recipes, officially became available to customers in late May of this year. We have a ton of experience with high quality fresh dog food brands and are always on the lookout for a new and healthy option for Django.

We ordered The Pets Table for Django in early August and have been watching him spin for joy over the meals ever since our first box arrived at our front door. Here is our review of The Pets Table based on our experience feeding the fresh dog food recipes to our sausage dog this summer. Since we're new customers, we'll be updating this article over the coming months as we continue to feed The Pets Table to Django.

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13 Best Custom And Personalized Pet Gifts Every Dog Owner Will Love

13 Best Custom And Personalized Pet Gifts Every Dog Owner Will Love

August 30, 2023

We're a small team of dog lovers that have a not-so-small obsession with our four-legged family. Do you also treat your dog like a child? Take him or her everywhere with you? Have a gazillion-and-one photos of him or her on your phone?

If this sounds like you, we found the pawfect gifts for you and your family. In this DJANGO Dog Blog article, we round up the best custom pet gifts and personalized dog products for dog lovers. We include the top custom pet portraits, custom pet blankets, and even custom pet socks! Scroll for the most epic and high quality custom pet products that you'll want to order today.

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DJANGO Dog Blog - Key differences between DJANGO's Adventure Dog Harness and Tahoe No Pull Dog Harness -

Key differences between DJANGO's Adventure Dog Harness and Tahoe No Pull Dog Harness

August 02, 2023

We here at DJANGO take pride in designing durable, stylish, and incredibly comfortable harnesses that can be worn by dogs small and large. As of mid 2023, we have two beautiful and unique dog harness designs, the Adventure Dog Harness and the Tahoe No Pull Dog Harness. Dogs of all breeds and sizes can and do wear both harness styles, but there are a few key differences between the two designs that you may want to consider before ordering.

In this DJANGO Dog Blog article, we highlight the key differences between the Adventure Dog Harness and the Tahoe No Pull Dog Harness. Which DJANGO dog harness is best for your dog? Which harness will best fit your needs? Which harness will best fit your dog based on his or her unique measurements and body shape?

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The 10 Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services (2023 Reviews)

The 10 Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services (2023 Reviews)

July 19, 2023

Mike and I (Steph) have tried almost every fresh dog food delivery service since bringing home our adorable sausage dog, Django, in 2015. Here are the best fresh dog food brands in 2023 based on nutritional content and quality of ingredients, cost, customer satisfaction and reviews, and expert third-party reviews.

Questions or comments on one of the fresh dog food brands? Leave a comment below! Also make sure to take advantage of the fresh dog food promos below. There are many 20-50% OFF links for some of the best fresh dog food delivery services, including The Farmer's Dog, Spot & Tango, and more!

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Bark Dog Food 2023 Review + Coupon Code: How Good is It Really?

Bark Dog Food 2023 Review + Coupon Code: How Good is It Really?

June 30, 2023

BARK products have been a staple in our family's household ever since we brought home our adorable longhaired dachshund, Django. For years we (Steph and Mike) have gotten Django BARK's most popular monthly subscription doggy boxes, BarkBox and Super Chewer. We've never seen Django more excited than when a new BARK delivery arrives for him.

Last year we began giving Django a BARK Bright dental chew each day to help boost his dental health. BARK's chew and toothpaste combo works to fight plaque and tartar while freshening doggy breath. Django treats the dental sticks like a high quality dog treat, and he is obsessed with getting one at lunchtime.

When we heard about BARK Food's premium dog kibble, dog treats, dog supplements, dog toppers, and meal-enrichment dog toys, we couldn't wait to try them with Django. In this DJANGO Dog Blog article, we offer a complete overview of all BARK Food products. We also discuss how BARK Food's subscription works. Finally, we explain how its food-dispensing dog toys can benefit your pup.

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DJANGO - How To Find the Best No-pull Harness for Small Dog Breeds -

How to Find the Best No Pull Harness for Your Small Dog Breed

June 14, 2023

Does your small dog pull during walks? If yes, we (Mike and Steph) can relate! We lovingly joke that our 13lb long-haired dachshund, Django, was a sled dog in another life. Despite being leash trained, Django has moments where he loves pulling during outings. He leans forward into his padded dog harness and attempts to run forward despite the pull of the leash behind him.

If this sounds like your dog, it is likely time to consider a front clip dog harness. Front clip dog harnesses, also known as no pull dog harnesses, are one of the best things to use to stop a dog from pulling. Rather than traditional leash attachment on the back of the harness, no pull harnesses feature a front D-ring for leash attachment.

In this DJANGO Dog Blog article, we explore how to choose the best no pull harness for small dogs. We also discuss how front clip dog harnesses work and why leash pulling is potentially dangerous for pups and their humans.

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Top 10 Best Dog Blogs You Should Follow in 2023 - DJANGO Dog Blog

Top 15 Best Dog Blogs You Should Follow in 2023

June 01, 2023

We (Mike and Steph) started DJANGO Dog Blog in 2016 to make it easier for other loving dog parents to travel and adventure with their four-legged family. Since then, our blog content has expanded to address important dog health topics and highlight high-quality and modern pet products we love.

We have also found countless other informative, heartwarming, and funny dog lifestyle blogs throughout the years! In this DJANGO Dog Blog, we have rounded up our 15 favorite dog blogs on the internet today.

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Creating Dog-Friendly Entrances: The Role of Exterior Doors in Your Pet's Safety and Comfort

Creating Dog-Friendly Entrances: The Role of Exterior Doors in Your Pet's Safety and Comfort

May 29, 2023

Creating a dog-friendly home involves considering all aspects of your space to make it comfortable for your little friend, from the right furniture to your dog's personal space to even the right front entrance.

Correctly built exterior house doors can significantly improve your pet's safety and comfort, making entering and exiting the house easier. This DJANGO Dog Blog article discusses the significance of pet-friendly front entries, factors to consider when selecting one, and popular door types suitable for our furry companions.

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How to Find the Best Walking Harness for Cats That Escape

The Best Walking Harness for Cats That Are Escape Artists

May 12, 2023

Over the past several years, we (DJANGO) have sold thousands and thousands of our high quality Adventure Harnesses to pet lovers around the world. This 5-star rated and best selling DJANGO harness is loved for its comfort, durability, and lightweight and slender body.

While we originally designed this harness for small and medium sized dogs, we've noticed an ever-growing number of adventure cat owners purchasing, loving, and recommending DJANGO harnesses for outdoor-loving cats!

Cat owners have used DJANGO Adventure Harnesses for road trips, hiking expeditions, and even going to the vet. Are you looking for an escape-proof harness for your cat? Here is why DJANGO's Adventure Harness is quickly becoming the best travel harness for cats.

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What to expect - Dog teeth cleaning cost and exam process -

How Much Does Professional Teeth Cleaning for Dogs Cost?

April 14, 2023

Dogs, just like humans, need professional teeth cleanings. While ongoing at-home canine tooth care is important, having a vet professional clean your pup's teeth once a year is crucial.

Without professional cleanings, your dog may experience bad breath, inflamed gums, periodontal (gum) disease, or even tooth loss. In addition, periodontal disease can cause chronic pain, receding gums, bone loss, and heart diseases like endocarditis (a potentially fatal bacterial or fungal infection of the heart's chambers and values). This can have very serious consequences for your dog's overall health, as poor dental hygiene can make it difficult for your dog to eat.  

In this DJANGO Dog Blog article, we highlight why dogs need professional teeth cleanings throughout their life, what actually happens during teeth cleaning, and discuss the cost of dog teeth cleanings.

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DJANGO Dog Blog - The Farmer's Dog Review and Farmer's Dog Unboxing -

The Farmer's Dog Review #2 - Fresh Dog Food Brand Review & 50% Off Farmer's Dog Promo Code

March 22, 2023 4 Comments

Review #2! It’s been over three years since we wrote our first review of The Farmer’s Dog and over four years since we started feeding this fresh dog food to our long-haired dachshund, Django.

Over the years, The Farmer’s Dog has introduced has launched a DIY Nutrient Mix for homemade fresh dog food and added salmon oil to its increasingly popular fresh dog food recipes.

In this DJANGO Dog Blog article, we provide an updated overview and review of The Farmer's Dog based on our extensive experience with the fresh dog food brand.

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How Do I Choose the Best Dog Backpack Carrier?

How Do I Choose the Best Dog Backpack Carrier?

February 27, 2023

Dog backpack carriers have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. These pet carriers are incredibly functional and useful in countless settings. Do you love hiking, strolling, or shopping around town with your dog? Do you live in a city, take public transportation, or commute with your pup? Do you have a senior dog with arthritis, a puppy that has not been vaccinated, or a dog recovering from surgery like our dachshund, Django?

Dog backpacks are safe and convenient pet travel carriers where your dog can rest and relax comfortably without slowing you down. They are worn like a standard backpack (on your back) and have a dedicated, secure, and comfy place for your pup to ride.

In this DJANGO Dog Blog article, we explore the two types of dog backpack carriers: vertical and horizontal. We explain why natural position backpack carriers are always the best option for dogs with back or health problems. We also discuss what features you should look for in a horizontal dog backpack carrier.

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