How to Make Your Pet Instagram Famous

March 01, 2018 6 Comments

How to Make Your Pet Instagram Famous

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks for photo and video sharing. By the end of 2017, 500 million people were using the mobile app each day.

Thousands of people are being launched into stardom via Instagram. Fashionistas, fitness experts, and mom bloggers are growing massive followings and enjoying the perks of social celebrity (namely free products and compensation for sponsored posts). In addition to people, pet accounts are seeing their own success stories. Suddenly it's not that crazy to see a celebrity dog with 100,000 followers and a book deal!

How did these savvy pet owners grow their Instagram followings? It's not rocket science! Seriously, anyone can do it. I know because I (Steph) did it myself! In late 2015, I launched my dog Django's Instagram account, @djangothegent. Fast forward two years, and Django has 65,000 Instagram followers and friends all over the world. He has been featured by countless media outlets and sponsored by some really great brands.

So here it is... here is everything I've learned about Instagram after rocketing my long-haired wiener dog to social media stardom. Here are 10 tips to grow your Instagram account, boost engagement, and get more followers.

Tip 1: Image and Video Quality

Posting high resolution images and videos are a must. You'd be surprised how many people post out-of-focus, blurry or grainy photos! High quality content with a clear subject matter is more likely to be noticed and liked by your followers as they scroll through their main feed or Instagram's "Explore" tab.

What do we mean by clear subject matter? If you're posting a picture of your pet, make sure your pet stands out in the photo. Does your dog blend in with the photo's busy or colorful background? Is he or she out of focus? Instagram users are most likely to open and double tap photos that stand out - photos that compel them to pause and take a closer look.

Tip 2: Leverage Hashtags & Location Stickers

Relevant hashtags and location stickers will introduce your content to a large, targeted audience. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post - why not use these to your advantage? Focus on the 30 most relevant and niche hashtags for each post; avoid unspecific tags. What do we mean? If you're posting a picture of your brindle french bulldog, tag #brindlefrenchie, #brindlefrenchbulldog and #frenchbulldog. Your post is more likely to be featured by Instagram via the hashtag #brindlefrenchie than a generic tag like #dog and #dogsofinstagram.

Tons of people search Instagram by location, so take advantage of this feature. If your post performs well, it is likely to appear as a featured post when someone searches for photos in your location. Again, be specific. If you're posting from Windansea Beach in San Diego, California, use the location sticker "Windansea Beach, San Diego" instead of "California" or even "San Diego".

Tip 3: How Often Should I Post on Instagram?

Every post (accompanied by 30 high quality hashtags) is an opportunity for a new audience to discover you. This doesn't mean, however, you should post 10 times a day. Excessive posting may turn off your followers and result in a wave of unfollows.

The general rule of thumb for Instagram is to post consistently and average 1.5 times per a day. Consistency is key. It is ok to post every 2, 3 or even 4 days, so long as you keep up this cadence. 

If you post infrequently or let a few weeks pass without any activity, you risk losing followers and fans. Your audience may forget that you exist and find new accounts to follow.

Do I post each and every day to Django's account? I should, but I don't. I have a full-time job and don't always have the time or energy to keep up daily activity. That said, I do post regularly and rarely let more than 3-4 days pass without new content.

Tip 4: Build A Base of Followers

As soon as you get on Instagram, start following other similar accounts. If, for instance, you're launching your pug's new Instagram account, follow other pug accounts and pug "community" accounts (i.e. @pugsofinstagram).

Spend time each day interacting and engaging with your new Instagram friends. Like photos, respond to comments, and comment on posts you love. These accounts will give you inspiration for posts. You'll also get on their radar - a bunch of these accounts will probably follow you back.

Tip 5: "Sometimes I Pretend to be Normal, But It Gets Boring So I Go Back To Me" - Ain Eineziz

Personality is what makes everyone unique and special, so pour your personality into your captions and hashtags. Friends and followers will love getting to know you through your posts.

When I first launched Django's Instagram account, I was a unsure of how to proceed with his captions. Do I let my fun-loving, dry and occasionally crude sense of humor let loose, or will that turn off followers? Over time I became increasingly comfortable letting my personality shine. Not only did I notice better engagement, I also started having more fun with Django's account. Now I have one rule when posting - I have to make myself laugh or smile with each post. If I can entertain myself, I consider the post successful.

One more tip? Share personal and humanized content - something people can relate to and emotionally connect with. Your post is more likely to be liked, commented on and shared if your followers identify with your experiences or see themselves in your content.

Tip 6: Get Featured!

Over the past two years, Django has been featured consistently in the online and offline neighborhood. Django has been featured by huge "community" Instagram accounts like @Insta_dogs, publications like Subaru's Drive magazine, and internet powerhouses like People. Each feature has resulted in new exposure and followers. 

How can you get featured? Start with big "community" accounts on Instagram. If you post great shots of outdoor adventures with your dog, reach out to @adventuredogsofficial via direct message or email, send them your most engaging high resolution photos, and ask to be featured.

Getting feature in offline publications like newspapers and magazines is definitely more difficult, but it is also doable. Usually huge online media sites like have a few writers that focus on specific content, i.e. pet-related posts. See if you can reach out directly to one of these writers. Introduce yourself, your account, and ask them to consider including your account in relevant future content.

Tip 7: Cross Promote With Other Influencers

As you engage with your following and audience, you'll slowly start to get to know the people behind the accounts. Consider cross promotions with similarly sizes accounts. Cross promotions can include shoutout-for-shoutouts or jointly-hosted giveaways. Some Instagram accounts will partner with a handful of others and agree to refer to each other at the bottom of every post, i.e. "Check out my adventure dog friends @ABC and @XYC."

Tip 8: Celebrate Milestones with a Giveaway

There are a few ways to host a giveaway on Instagram. Thrive Hive provides a great resource for the various types of giveaway.

Once your account reaches 1,000+ followers, consider reaching out to a brand you love and ask them to sponsor your giveaway with one product. Brands usually welcome exposure to a new targeted audience and are willing to offer one free product in exchange.

In my experience, the most effective giveaways are those where Django works with one brand and gives away one very high quality product, i.e. a dog camera or a dog bed. We keep the contest rules simple: (1) Follow Django and the brand (2) Like this post (3) Tag 2 friends. These rules guarantee simplicity (i.e. higher probability people will enter the giveaway), engagement, and new followers.

Tip 9: Boost Your Brand On Facebook and Other Social Media Channels

After Django's Instagram account surpassed 50,000 followers, I decided to launch his Facebook page. Facebook introduced Django to a brand new audience of dog lovers, and many of these new Facebook friends ultimately started following Django on Instagram.

Connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts, if you haven't already. Sharing content from Instagram to Facebook became incredibly easy after Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. What this means is you can post a photo, video or story to Instagram and immediately upload it to your Facebook page with one click. Instagram also allows you auto-follow your Facebook friends in seconds. By connecting with your Facebook friends on Instagram, you will automatically introduce them to your Instagram account.

Outside of Facebook, consider expanding your presence on other social media platforms. Do you post video content? Then create a YouTube channel! We launched DJANGO's YouTube channel in 2017. Our content includes a mix of hilarious Django videos, educational dog content (here's an example), and product videos.

Tip 10: A Well-Trained Pet Makes Things Much Easier

When Django was a 4.8 lb baby, I spent 30 minutes every morning doing "school" with him. We practiced sitting still - I would walk around the apartment while Django sat patiently in one spot, waiting for me to give him the OK to run over and grab a treat. I also taught Django to look at the camera whenever I am taking a photo. How? I would tell Django to "Look!" at me. Whenever he caught my eye, I would praise him with "Good look!" and give him a treat. You can imagine that this makes taking photos of Django so much easier!

One last thought.

It is very easy to compare your account growth, follower count, and engagement with other accounts... and get frustrated if your account isn't performing as well or growing as quickly. As soon as you start letting these thoughts creep into your head, your fun-loving Instagram account becomes a stressful job. What is the point of posting fun images of your pet if you suddenly hate doing it?

There are 800 million active monthly Instagram accounts, and Instagram's algorithm inexplicably dictates which of these accounts see above-average growth.

Unless you are Selena Gomez or a Kardashian, your account will never be the biggest or most successful. And it shouldn't have to be! With 800 million active users, Instagram is offering an incredibly opportunity to amass hundreds, thousands or even millions of followers. Stay savvy (i.e. follow the above tips), be yourself, and have fun.

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July 03, 2018

Sounds great Maisie! Definitely let me know if you have any follow up questions. And oh my… Maisie Marie is the absolute cutest! Just followed her on Instagram! Our IG handle is @djangobrand :)


June 26, 2018

I loved these tips! So glad I found you on a random search! Needed this little boost of morale and I’m going to up my game with better content! Thanks!
Btw, feel free to follow me on IG! @lilmaisiemarie

Miri Fridman
Miri Fridman

May 31, 2018

Thanks for these great and easy to follow tips. I am slowly building Rosie’s page so will take this info on board.

Sara and Maylee
Sara and Maylee

March 02, 2018

Thank you Stephanie and Django! Django’s account is our family’s favorite – we look forward to his posts everyday!! We can’t seem to crack 190 – but we aren’t trying very hard either ??! Keep the good stuff coming!

Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose

March 02, 2018

Great post!! Thanks for the info!!!

Rebekah Patten
Rebekah Patten

March 02, 2018

I adore you Django! You light up my instagram!! ❤️

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