The Best Rugs for Dogs That Pee

The Best Rugs for Dogs That Pee

What are the best rugs for dogs that are both pee-resistant and stain-resistant? What types of rugs and rug fabrics are best for families with small children? Here are the best types of rugs for dogs, families with kids, and pets. We consider durability, stain-resistance, and ease of cleaning.

Even if your dog is the most well-trained pup on the planet, pee accidents happen. We (Steph and Mike) know from experience. Our adorable long-haired dachshund, Django, is incredibly well trained and fully housebroken. Every so often, however, Django will have a pee accident in our house. Usually this happens when we're distracted by work or busy with our toddlers and forget to take Django outside on time. Occasionally a pee accident will happen simply because Django gets super excited and can't control his bladder.

When we moved into a new home last year, Mike and I were very deliberate about getting kid-proof, dog-proof, and dog pee-proof area rugs. We have relatively new hardwood floors throughout the majority of our home and wanted a wide-range of modern and neutral area rugs that wouldn't break the bank or get ruined with one pee accident.

So, what are the best rugs for dogs? What types of rugs are best for families with small children? What rug fabric types are best for dog owners?

In this DJANGO Dog Blog article, we highlight the best types of rugs for dogs, families with kids, and pets. We consider durability, stain-resistance, and ease of cleaning. Are you looking for a dog-proof rug and pee-proof rug? Keep reading!

The Best Rugs for Dog Owners and Dogs That Pee

Machine washable rugs

What type of rug is best for dog pee? Is there a rug that dog hair doesn't stick to? Machine washable rugs like Tumble area rugs are the closest things you will find to dog-proof, pee-proof, and pet hair resistant rugs. These pet-friendly rugs are washable, stain-free, and spill-proof.

Tumble rugs specifically are treated with a non-toxic coating that protects against stains, spills, and messes. Tumble rugs can also be vacuumed on a low or medium suction setting and are considered one of the best rugs for dog hair.

We wrote a detailed review and overview of Tumble rugs recently based on our experience owning several of these area rugs—you can read our Tumble rugs review here.

Best machine washable rugs for dogs

If your dog pees on your machine washable rug or you experience another significant mess, simply blot the area and throw the rug into the washing machine. For Tumble rugs, wash the rug with the pattern side facing out. Super easy!

Are there any downsides with Tumble rugs and other machine washable rugs? One thing to keep in mind is that these rugs are not super plush. Rather, they are on the thin side despite coming with a soft rug pad. If you are looking for a cozy, high pile shag rug, these are not your best option.

Synthetic fiber rugs

Rugs made from synthetic fibers like polypropylene, polyester, or nylon are great choices for pet owners and families with kids. These man-made rug fibers are durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean, and resistant to pulls. They can handle heavy foot traffic and are less likely to absorb pet stains or odors over time. Many can also be cleaned in-house with a pet-friendly carpet cleaner (we own this Hoover one).

We have had an excellent experience with brand Safavieh and their popular collection of polypropylene area rugs. Safavieh offers a wide-ranging assortment of low pile, medium pile, and high pile synthetic fiber rugs (more on pile height below) in endless patterns and styles.

For our family room, we wanted a comfortable and easy-to-clean rug that would look beautiful and hold up well—we have two toddlers and a dachshund, after all! We opted for this plush Safavieh polypropylene shag rug and are so happy with our decision! This shag rug has held up incredibly well and still looks brand new after almost two years of heavy use. It is durable, easy to vacuum and clean (despite being a 2-inch pile rug), and incredibly soft. The synthetic polypropylene fibers also resist odors, stains, and dirt marks beautifully.

Low and medium pile rugs

Rugs with a low pile height, such as flat-weave or short-looped rugs, are generally preferable for dog owners. Low pile rugs are less likely to trap pet hair and are easier to vacuum or sweep. Additionally, dogs with long nails are less likely to snag them on a low pile rug compared to high pile or shaggy rugs.

For dogs that pee, low and medium pile rugs will be easier to clean than high pile rugs given their shorter strands. Dog hair can also be removed more easily from these lower pile rugs, and spills and stains can be blotted more successfully. Pet-friendly carpet cleaners like Hoover’s high quality SmartWash Pet Carpet Cleaner also work best on low and medium pile rugs.

Here is a high quality example of a durable and easy-to-clean medium pile and synthetic fiber rug with a 0.35 inch height. Here's another example of a high quality and durable 0.3 inch height medium pile rug. Both of these rugs are ideal for dog hair, easy vacuuming, and quick clean-ups. They provide more thickness, softness, and comfort as well—more so than the washable rugs featured above. 

Indoor/outdoor rugs

These popular rugs are designed to withstand various weather conditions, and their indoor/outdoor versatility makes them a practical choice for dog owners. These rugs are usually made from durable materials like polypropylene and can be easily hosed off or even cleaned in a washing machine with a mild detergent.

One USA rug company we especially love for indoor/outdoor rugs is Chilewich. Chilewich designs modern and easy-to-clean indoor/outdoor rugs with innovative patterns. We currently have several Chilewich shag mats inside and outside our home. We have a 24"x36" 'Utility Mat' on our deck (just outside our kitchen door, pictures below) and a 36"x60" 'Big Mat' in our foyer (just inside the two main front doors to our home). The rugs we have have withstood rain, mud, dog hair, and dirt and still look brand new. We vacuum them regularly and hose them off if they get particularly dirty.

best indoor outdoor rugs for dogs and families with kids

Patterned rugs

Choosing rugs with busy patterns or intricate designs can help camouflage any potential stains or dirt brought in by your dogs. Patterns can also make it easier to maintain the rug's appearance between cleanings.

Every rug in our home features a pattern, even our rugs that are neutral and lighter in color. The patterns help hide any dirt marks and keep our home looking clean and put-together at all times.

Choose patterned rugs for dogs and pets

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Michel Rodulfa

Michel Rodulfa

Your blog has become my virtual escape when I’m in need of inspiration.
I appreciate how you curate a diverse range of content,
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Your blog has become my virtual escape when I’m in need of inspiration.
I appreciate how you curate a diverse range of content,
from adventure travel to cultural experiences to food exploration.
Thank you for sharing!

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