The Best Walking Harness for Cats That Are Escape Artists

May 12, 2023

How to Find the Best Walking Harness for Cats That Escape

Over the past several years, we (DJANGO) have sold thousands and thousands of our high quality Adventure Harnesses to pet lovers around the world. This 5-star rated and best selling DJANGO harness is loved for its comfort, durability, and lightweight and slender body.

While we originally designed this harness for small and medium sized dogs, we've noticed an ever-growing number of adventure cat owners purchasing, loving, and recommending DJANGO harnesses for outdoor-loving cats!

Cat owners have used DJANGO Adventure Cat Harnesses for everyday walks, road trips, hiking expeditions, and even going to the vet. Are you looking for an escape-proof harness for your cat? Here is why DJANGO's Adventure Cat Harness is quickly becoming the best travel harness for cats.

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What kind of cat harness is escape-proof?

Cats are highly intelligent, nimble, and crafty animals. If they want to get out of a harness, they sure will try! With this in mind, are there really escape-proof harnesses for cats?

"While no cat harness is completely escape-proof, some harnesses are designed with features that make it more difficult for cats to slip out of them," says Izzy Foxx, a zoologist at Wildly Animals. "It's important to remember that cats are agile and flexible animals and can sometimes wiggle their way out of even the most secure harnesses."

What to look for in a cat harness

A high quality and escape-proof cat harness should have several attributes, including a secure fit, a comfortable design, and sturdy construction. It should fit snugly around your cat's body without being too tight. The cat harness should also be very adjustable to ensure a correct fit. This last point is especially important. If a harness is not adjustable in more than one area, it will be much more likely your cat can wiggle his or her way out.

As Foxx continues, "The cat harness should also be designed with a secure closure mechanism, such as a buckle or a clip, and should be made from strong, durable materials that can withstand your cat's movements".

It is important to emphasize that your kitty should always be able to completely move his or her head and legs while wearing a cat harness. You should also be able to slip 1-2 fingers underneath a properly fitting cat travel harness. This will ensure the harness is not too snug for your cat.

DJANGO offers the best walking harness for cats that love exploring the outdoors -

Here's why DJANGO Harnesses Are Loved by Cat Owners

DJANGO harnesses are loved by cat owners around the world. For one, DJANGO's original Adventure Harness design is slender, soft, padded, and lightweight. This design is ideal for both petite and larger cat breeds, like Savannahs or Ragdolls.

The Adventure Harness's premium neoprene exterior is weather-resistant, durable, and easy-to-clean, while the interior lining is breathable and quick-dry sport mesh. Selecting a harness that is breathable and quick-drying is especially important if you have a long-haired cat breed or flat-faced cat breed, such as a Persian or Scottish Fold, that is more susceptible to overheating.

And unlike so many other harnesses which feature stiff and uncomfortable webbing, DJANGO harnesses are intentionaly crafted with incredibly soft, custom webbing that sits gently and comfortably against our four-legged friends' bodies.

What about adjustment? As we discussed above, the more points of adjustment a harness for cats has, the more escape-proof it will be. With this in mind, DJANGO Adventure Cat Harnesses have four adjustment points—two on the neck strap and and two on the chest strap—that will prevent your feline Houdini from escaping. Over the years, we have upgraded these adjustment pieces to ensure the straps never loosen during use.

Where do I order a DJANGO harness?

Shop DJANGO's adventure harness and leash collection on and

You can also find DJANGO walk accessories various pet boutiques and pet stores throughout the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom, and the United States. Ask your local pet shop owners if they carry DJANGO pet products.

What size DJANGO cat harness do I order?

The best way to determine your cat's harness size is to measure your cat's chest girth and neck girth and compare these measurements to DJANGO's harness sizing chart. Chest girth is the measurement around the widest part of the belly, typically located just behind the front legs. Neck girth is the measurement around the neck, where a collar would sit naturally.

Almost all cats under 12 lbs do best in size small. Again, the best way to confirm fit is to first measure your cat and compare the measurement with DJANGO's sizing chart. 

As a reference, Lucky (feature photo above) has a 16 inch chest girth and wears size small beautifully.

Questions about sizing and fit? Email! The team is incredibly responsive and always happy to help customers.

DJANGO cat harnesses feature a lightweight and padded harness body, soft custom webbing for max comfort, and a solid cast brass D-ring for leash attachment -

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