Key differences between DJANGO's Adventure Dog Harness and Tahoe No Pull Dog Harness

August 02, 2023

DJANGO Dog Blog - Key differences between DJANGO's Adventure Dog Harness and Tahoe No Pull Dog Harness -

We here at DJANGO take pride in designing durable, stylish, and incredibly comfortable harnesses that can be worn by dogs small and large. As of mid 2023, we have two beautiful and unique dog harness designs, the Adventure Dog Harness and the Tahoe No Pull Dog Harness. Dogs of all breeds and sizes can and do wear both harness styles, but there are a few key differences between the two designs that you may want to consider before ordering.

In this DJANGO Dog Blog article, we highlight the key differences between the Adventure Dog Harness and the Tahoe No Pull Dog Harness. Which DJANGO dog harness is best for your dog? Which harness will best fit your needs? Which harness will best fit your dog based on his or her unique measurements and body shape?

We hope this article helps! If you have any follow up questions (or just want to say hi), please leave us a comment below. We'd love to hear fro you!

Key differences between DJANGO's Adventure Dog Harness and Tahoe No Pull Dog Harness -

Key differences between the Adventure and Tahoe Harness


The Adventure Dog Harness has one D-ring on the back of the harness for standard leash attachment. The Tahoe No Pull Dog Harness has two D-rings, one on the back panel for standard leash attachment and another on the front panel for front leash attachment.

The Tahoe harness' front D-ring is optional and for those dog owners that prefer or want the option of front leash attachment. Generally, front leash attachment helps deter pulling over time—this is because when a dog pulls with a leash attached to the front D-ring, his or her body is pulled to the side, which is not the outcome desired. Over time many dogs learn that pulling isn't giving them the outcome they want and most pull less as a result.

Back Panel

Since the Tahoe harness has a front D-ring for optional leash attachment, it has a padded neoprene back panel to support front leash attachment. The Adventure Dog Harness, on the other hand, has a more simple and lightweight webbing back panel.

The back panels of DJANGO Adventure Dog Harness and Tahoe No Pull Dog Harness -

Weight and MSRP

Since the Tahoe No Pull Dog Harness has a padded back panel, it weighs slightly more than the Adventure Dog Harness. Given its more complex design and the additional materials needed for construction, the Tahoe harness is also priced slightly higher at USD 45 (vs. USD 39 for the Adventure Dog Harness).


The Adventure Dog Harnessas well as its matching standard and hands-free leashes, collars, and waste bag holders—has solid cast brass hardware. The Tahoe No Pull Harness, along with the matching Tahoe Dog Collar and Tahoe Waterproof Dog Leash, has silver plated zinc alloy hardware

Both are beautiful, classic, and hold up very well over time.

    Sizing and Availability

    The Tahoe No Pull Dog Harness is available in sizes S-XXL for all dog breeds and dog sizes! Size small fits petite breeds (miniature dachshunds, cavalier king charles spaniels, cavapoos, miniature poodles), while size XX-Large is designed for the biggest breeds (Bernese mountain dogs, great danes, and larger golden retrievers).

    As of writing, the Adventure Dog Harness is available in sizes S-L for small and medium dog breeds. Why the limited sizes in the Adventure Dog Harness right now? To be fully transparent, operational limitations and warehouse capacity. We're a quickly growing but still small USA business. We're incredibly excited to be launching sizes XL and XXL in the Adventure Dog Harness in 2024 once we're settled in our new warehouse.

    Lastly, because the two harnesses are designed differently, there are minor sizing differences between the two. Make sure you measure your pup and review the size charts on each harness product page before ordering. Sizing questions? Just send a quick email to! We love hearing from you and are happy to help offer sizing guidance for you and your dog.

    DJANGO Tahoe No Pull Dog Harness - best no pull dog harness for small dogs and large dogs

    One more thought

    In short, you your dog will likely do beautifully in both the Adventure Dog Harness and Tahoe No Pull Dog Harness. If you want the option of a front D-ring and/or have a large dog, then the Tahoe harness is a fantastic option for you.

    Do you have a small dog breed and prefer a slightly more lightweight but equally comfortable harness? If yes, you may prefer the Adventure Dog Harness. Small dog breeds do really beautifully in this harness, and the harness is loved and highly rated by doxie owners in the U.S. and around the world.

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