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15 Best Small Pet Shops and Boutiques on Instagram for Dog Accessories

Here are the best Instagram pet stores and dog boutiques that make dog accessories, dog apparel, dog toys, and more. All are USA small businesses with unique, high quality, and wonderful pet products.

We first launched our travel and adventure dog accessories and apparel USA small business, DJANGO, in 2017. Back then, our Instagram account (@djangobrand) was pretty small, and we didn't personally know other small pet boutiques making waves on social media. Fast forward a few years, and we now have over 42,000 dog (and cat) loving friends and followers as well as friends across the innovative and small business pet products industry!

In this DJANGO Dog Blog article, we feature the top Instagram pet stores and boutiques that make dog accessories, dog apparel, dog toys, dog treats, and dog food. We list our favorite small USA pet businesses that have caught our attention and have both wonderful pet products and core values. All USA small businesses listed here are unique, high quality, and wonderful choices to support and shop from for you and your four-legged family.

1. DJANGO (@djangobrand)

Shop DJANGO dog accessories and apparel, a USA small business designing modern, durable, and stylish gear for dogs and dog owners - djangobrand.com

In 2017, Steph and Mike started DJANGO. The popular and Instagram-friendly USA small business designs modern, durable, and stylish dog accessories and apparel. Inspired by their adventurous and travel-loving long haired dachshund, Django, they designed a stylish and highly functional waxed canvas and leather pet tote. A lot of media outlets took notice, and DJANGO's dog carrier bag was quickly named the best dog carrier bag by Business Insider, MSN, and more.

DJANGO also offers 5-star rated and best selling dog harnesses, dog collars, hands-free dog leashes, cotton rope dog leashes, soft and stretchy dog hoodies, insulated winter dog coats, all weather and water-repellent dog jackets, and more. The small business is also one of the only Instagram shops and boutiques on our list that offers cat harnesses.

With environmental preservation and philanthropy at its core, DJANGO donates a portion of sales to reputable non-profits including Ocean Conservancy, Tahoe Fund, and Sierra Club.

2. Bean Goods (@beangoods)

Best Instagram Pet Shop and Boutique - @beangoods

Claire Wolfson founded Bean Goods in 2011. The USA small business is based on her beloved black and tan wiener dog, Bean. 

Bean Goods is a really fun and creative dachshund-themed goods brand. It has offered 20,000 customers the most rad and wienerful products including doxie apparel, doxie dad hats, dachshund-themed swimwear, and more. Need a mood booster? Bean Good lets you pick a cause like animal welfare or social justice to support at checkout.

3. Bad Tags (@badtags)

Best Instagram Pet Shop and Boutique - @badtagsCristen, a former registered nurse, started Bad Tags in 2014 when she could not find a fun and NSFW dog ID tag that matched her dog's sassy personality. The small Colorado-based business offers sweary, funny, cute, and custom dog tags.

Whether you are springing for the Cute But Psycho Dog Tag or We Can't Have Nice Things Dog Tag, you will love the fact Bad Tags are made of chew proof light weight metal. Bad Tags donates part of its sales to the Colorado Pet Pantry. Cristen also volunteers and fosters for SNAFU Rescue and the French Bulldog Rescue Network.

4. Weenieton (@weenieton)

Best Instagram Pet Shop and Boutique - @weenieton

Stefanie Shank is not just an art director at Nickelodeon, she is the founder of Weenieton. It started as an animation exploration project inspired by her little sausage dog, Tooie. Weenieton grew to include dachshund themed clothing, accessories, and home goods like a Hocus Pocus Pups Crew T-Shirt and a Muttleficent Pin.

5. Harpermade (@shop.harpermade)

Best Instagram Pet Shop and Boutique - @shop.harpermadeCaitlyn is the proud owner of Harpermade. The small USA business was inspired by her sassy, loving, and adorable long haired dachshund, Harper. Harpermade offers premium, minimalistic, and modern apparel for dog lovers. You will find everything from a custom fuzzy crew neck for your four-legged friends to a custom baby bubble romper. Like other Instagram shops and boutiques on our list, it has holiday options, such as a custom dog ornament and seasonal scented candles.

6. Peached Pups (@peachedpups) 

Best Instagram Pet Shop and Boutique - @peachedpups

Ali handcrafts her Peached Pups dog accessories in Austin, Texas and tests each and every unique design with her adorable Australian Shepherd, Lorrie Jean.

Peached Pups has a variety of pet accessories for small to extra large dogs, from embroidered dog collars to best selling bandanas. Ali also creates matching human scrunchies passionate pet parents that want to match their pup!

    7. Clive & Bacon (@cliveandbacon)

    Best Instagram Pet Shop and Boutique - @cliveandbacon

    Tina is the face behind Clive & Bacon. She started the company for her dog Peanut, a big fan of balls, naps, and (unsurprisingly) bacon. Tina designs every dog accessory in her studio in Sacramento, California. Her dog shop on Instagram carries 14 punny and bold collections for dogs from Birthday & Gotcha Day to Taco Tuesday. Each novelty print collection contains a dog waste bag holder, a super pooper, a dog leash, a dog collar, a reversible dog bandana, and a cooling dog bandana. Clive & Bacon even carries holiday dog walking gear, including a Halloween Fi Compatible Collar and a Candy Corn Dog Leash.

    8. Gift Spawt (@giftspawt)

    Best Instagram Pet Shop and Boutique - @giftspawt

    When Allison tried to find her dog Riley a plush toy for his 1st barkday, she could not find one that was special enough. She placed many online orders and went from store to store to create the ultimate Gotcha Day package. Realizing she was not the only pet parent who wanted ready to gift dog birthday presents, she started Gift Spawt.

    The Instagram boutique has dog lover apparel, such as a Custom Pet Portrait Heart Sweatshirt and a Kid's Pet Portrait T-Shirt. You will also find custom drinkware, dog walking bags, and custom pet portrait necklaces. Gift Spawt also offers cute dog toys like Charlotte the Unicorn and patterned dog walking sets. The North Carolina business stands out because it has a corporate gifting option and a holiday shop that includes minor holidays, such as Hanukkah and Cinco De Mayo. 

    9. Bundle x Joy (@bundlexjoy)

    Best Instagram Pet Shop and Boutique - @bundlexjoyJess Berger founded Bundle X Joy in 2022 after working in the pet industry for 15 years. She was disappointed with the lack of inclusivity, representation, and leadership alignment in the pet care space.

    Bundle X Joy has 3 high quality dog kibble recipes: salmon (Vibrant), chicken (Golden), and lamb (Brave). They are made with real meat and 20 plant-based superfoods like apples and pumpkins. The 100% female-founded company also offers digestive, skin and coat, and joint and hip supplements. It even produces jerky bar treats and unique toys like the Rope Frisbee Dog Toy.

    Bundle X Joy donates 3% of its profits to support women entrepreneurs in the local community. 

    10. & MUTTS Co (@andmutts.co)

    Best Instagram Pet Shop and Boutique - @andmutts.co

    Winnie Goh started & MUTTS Co. after she was unexpectedly laid off from a veterinary supply manufacturing company during the pandemic. Inspired by the very first dog bandana she bought at Petco, she began sewing adorable matching headbands, scrunchies, key fobs, and bandanas for pups and their humans. Goh even creates dog toys for nose work, such as the Korean Gimbap Nosework Dog Toy and the Squeaky Scarecrow Nosework Dog Toy. & MUTTS Co. also carries custom Oodle crewnecks, ceramic and slow-feeder dog bowls, and dog water bottles.

    11. Farm to Pet (@farmtopet)

    Best Instagram Pet Shop and Boutique - @farmtopet

    In 2020, Jackson Jones founded Farm to Pet: a small, USA family business that makes sustainably sourced, 100% human grade, single protein dog treats. Jackson created his first batch of Farm to Pet Chicken Chips because feeding his dog, Rooney, pet treats was like trying to coax a picky toddler to eat vegetables. Since then, Jackson, his wife, Lauren, and their son, Drake, have launched Turkey ChipsElk Antlers, and Dog Treat Toppers. Farm to Pet has also donated to Live Like RooDiamond Dog Training, and more to create a brighter future for pups and their loving families.


    12. Zozo’s Paw (@zozospaw)

    Best Instagram Pet Shop and Boutique - @zozospawA decade ago, Caryn founded ZoZo's Paw because she was inspired by her rescue dog Zoey (or ZoZo, as her friends and family sometimes called her). Caryn started handcrafting modern, stylish dog bows and bananas to save dogs on death row from high kill shelters. Later, she added faux leather dog leashes, lick mats for dogs, dog toys, and more to her store.

    13. Plume Pup Co (@plumepupco)

    Best Instagram Pet Shop and Boutique - @zozospawMckinley is the brains behind Plume Pup Co. The Canadian interior designer started crafting everyday dog accessories because of her red retriever, Mabel, and her boyfriend, Eric. Plume Pup Co. also carries dog mom and dog dad apparel, such as the popular "My Dog Sleighs" sweatshirt. Here, you will find dog bandanas in an array of eye catching patterns, lavender and chamomile paw balm, dog mom beanies, and much more.

    14. West & Willow (@thewestwillow) 

    Best Pet Shops on Instagram - West & Willow

    Ben Lebowitz started West & Willow in 2019 to create modern pet portraits for design-conscious dog parents. It offers custom pet portrait home goods and human accessories, including iPhone cases, throw pillows, mugs, and quote signs like "Live, Laugh, Woof." The NYC-based company also creates custom dog accessories like pet bowls and blankets. Even better, West & Willow supports Best Friends Animal Society, a national animal welfare nonprofit working to rescue cats and dogs from death row in U.S. shelters.

    15. Arya Sit! (@arya.sit)

    Best Instagram Pet Shop and Boutique - @arya.sit

    Alice worked in the pet food industry for more than 10 years before she started Arya Sit! The dog mom takes the finest raw ingredients and freezes them negative at 35 degrees Fahrenheit, so 90 percent of their bioavailable nutrients are locked in. Arya Sit! is transparent about its raw dog food ingredients. For example, its Dental Chew Beef Lollipops are made with 100% real beef tendon wrapped in beef, beef heart, and beef liver. Arya Sit! also offers strawberry yogurt, duck breast, chicken breast, beef liver, shrimp, egg yolk, and capelin (i.e., Smelt Roe) treats.


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    Eva Lawrence

    Eva Lawrence

    I generally look up things like these on PetCareRx and Petco. Thanks to your post, now I can shop from more places and pamper my dog.

    I generally look up things like these on PetCareRx and Petco. Thanks to your post, now I can shop from more places and pamper my dog.

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