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Upcoming NYC Dog Meetups & Events

Dachshund Spring Fiesta | Saturday, April 30, 2022 from 12-2pm

Join hundreds of dachshund lovers and enthusiasts under Greenwich Village's iconic Washington Square Arch for the annual Dachshund Spring Fiesta! The event is free and open to everyone (whether you have a doxie, plan to one day have a dachshund, or simply want to see what hundreds of sausage dogs look like in one spot!). The event is hosted by the Dachshund Friendship Club and promoted by Instagram's @DachshundsofNYC@DjangoTheGent, and other local weenie celebs to ensure max turnout!

What: A widely-attended and epic dachshund meetup on the last Saturday of April

When: April 30, 2022 from 12-2 pm

Where: Washington Square Park (everyone meets and mingles between the arch and fountain)

Check out the below Dachshund Spring Fiesta montage video from a previous year's event! Don't forget to follow our sausage dog @DjangoTheGent on Instagram, and let us know if you can make it!

NYC Griffs Kentucky Derby Party Meet Up | Saturday, May 7, 2022 from 3-6pm EST

Brussel Griffon enthusiasts are flying in from near and far for this amazing Kentucky Derby themed bash in New York City on Saturday, May 7, 2022. The event is semi-private (you do need a Brussels Griffon to attend) and will be a wonderful opportunity for Brussels Griffon lovers to mingle and make new friends. A few Brussels Griffon Instagram celebs will even be attendance! Special guests of honor include Brussel Sprout, Twixie, Cowboy and Crumb.

What: A Kentucky Derby themed Griffon meetup on the Day of the Kentucky Derby

When: May 7, 2022 from 3-6 pm

Where: The Sanctuary (view link for location and travel details) 851 Main St, New York, NY 10044 (Rosevelt Island)

Contributions: GoFund Me

You can view the full event details here.


Dog Spotted Walk-A-Thon to Raise Money for NYC Rescues | Saturday, August 21 - Saturday, August 28, 2021

Walk 2 Miles 2 Save Lives is a walk-a-thon event dedicated to fundraising for rescue organizations and shelters. Those that decide to participate in the walk will donate a fee (minimum $20, $10 per mile) to walk for rescues and will be encouraged to invite their dog lover friends to sponsor them along the way. There will be prizes for participants and Team Captains. You can walk solo, join a team walk, or come to an event in NYC.

There are three fun events happening in NYC throughout the week:

(1) Kickoff Party at Union Pizza West with Woofbowl

(2) Bachelor and Vet walk with Dustin Kendrick and Dr. Stephanie Austin, DVM of Bond Vet

(3) After Party on Showfields Rooftop in Soho with Small Dog Shops and Businesses.

To sign up, click here by donating, and all instructions to participate will be sent straight to your inbox.

DJANGO Pop up shop and East Village Doggy meetup | July 16, 2021

We had a great time at our recent NYC doggy meetup and DJANGO pop up shop event in the East Village! The pop up shop event was hosted by collabXartists, a NYC-based group that hosts low budget spaces for local artists, brands, and mak. We had a DJANGO table to showcase and offer our popular dog harnesses, leashes, dog carrier bags and more. Our two and four-legged friends from around the city came to hang out, mingle, and sip complimentary wine while enjoying a beautiful summer evening in the city.

World Dog Expo | Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31st, 2020

The World Dog Expo celebrates dogs of all shapes and sizes in spectacular fashion. Attendees enjoy tons of dog-friendly events, such as dock diving, disc dog, lure coursing, weight pull, agility, fly ball, obedience, scent work, french ring sport, barn hunt and schutzhund. There are also opportunities for dogs and owners to participate together in sports, training and other bonding experiences. 

Perhaps the main attraction of World Dog Expo will be the notable trade show event, featuring a huge array of dog–centered products. Attendees will be able to find the newest and best products for their canine companions. Participating vendors will benefit from the unprecedented exposure created for the event.

The World Dog Expo is being held at Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ. Purchase tickets directly on the World Expo website.

Dachshund Spring Fiesta | Saturday, April 25, 2020

NYC's annual Dachshund Spring Fiesta will be held Saturday, April 25th from 12-2pm! Hundreds of dachshunds will meet under the iconic Washington Square Arch. The event is hosted by the Dachshund Friendship Club and promoted by Instagram's @DachshundsofNYC@DjangoTheGent, and other local weenie celebs to ensure max turnout!

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show | February 2020

Mike and I (Steph) were thrilled to attend the 2020 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! We met so many beautiful dogs and watched as Siba the standard poodle was crowned Best in Show! We also hung out in Home Depot's booth at Pier 94 and let our 10 month old (Django's Lil Bro) test our Home Depot's spill-proof, stain-proof, and dog- and baby-friendly LifeProof carpets. View photos and videos from our Westminster Dog Show visits here.