DJANGO - Holiday Dog Gift Guide 2017 -

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs (2017 Edition)

Want to spoil your pup this holiday season? We've rounded the most popular dog toys, accessories, apparel, and technology available for you and your pup this holiday season. Every gift is unique, high quality and guaranteed to keep your dog's tail wagging well into 2018.
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Want to spoil your pup this holiday season? We've rounded the most popular dog toys, accessories, apparel, and technology available for you and your pup this holiday season. Every gift is unique, high quality and guaranteed to keep your dog's tail wagging well into 2018.

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1. Dog Camera & Treat Tosser (Furbo Dog Camera $249, Petcube Bites $249)

DJANGO Holiday Gift Guide - Petcube Bites Dog Camera and Treat Tosser

Every wonder what your dog is doing when you're not home? Is he getting into trouble or annoying your neighbors with excessive barking? We own two high quality dog cameras produced by two different companies and highly recommend each. Furbo and Petcube Bites both allow you to monitor and speak to your dog when you're away with 1080p HD video, 2-way audio and night vision. Each also allows you to fling treats to your pet remotely. An extra benefit? We turn on our pet cameras whenever we go on vacation with our dog for additional home security and peace of mind.

Link to Furbo Dog Camera on Amazon. Link to Petcube Bites on Amazon.

2. Hide-a-Squirrel Interactive Plush Dog Toy ($8-17, price varies based on size)

DJANGO Holiday Pet Gift Guide - Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toys for Dogs

This is one of the MOST popular dog toys on Amazon. Each plush 'log' comes with tiny plush squirrels that fit inside. Watch with amusement as your dog rips each plush squirrel out from the log over... and over... and over again. The one downside to this toy? The squirrels' squeakers break pretty quickly. Available on Amazon.

3. Brentwood Home Memory Foam Runyon Pet Bed ($200)

DJANGO Holiday Dog Gift Guide - Brentwood Home Runyan Pet Bed

Spoil your pup with Brentwood Home's incredibly well made and super comfy Runyon Pet Bed. Brentwood Home uses high quality, non-toxic materials and the bed shell is removable and machine washable. 

4. DJANGO City Slicker Waterproof Rain Jacket ($42-46)

DJANGO City Slicker All Weather Rain Jacket and Waterproof Raincoat for Dogs

Does your dog hate going outside in the rain? DJANGO's full coverage, lightweight and super comfy weatherproof jacket is high quality, comfortable, and built for rainy adventures. The sleek nylon exterior is 100% weatherproof while the Sport Mesh cotton interior adds an extra layer of comfort and breathability. Designed for all seasons, the City Slicker is equally effective in a winter snow storm and summer rain shower. Available in Cherry Red, Cerise Pink and Topaz Blue on both and Amazon. Machine washable.

Link to The City Slicker on djangobrand.comLink to The City Slicker on Amazon.

 5. OurPets Treat-Dispensing Puzzle Toy ($11)

DJANGO Holiday Dog Gift Guide 2017

There are a few treat-dispensing dog toys out there, but this is one of the most popular and durable ones out there. Keep your dog entertained for 15-30 minutes with this interactive treat dispenser. We also tried one other similar product with Django - the Odin Dog Toy - however Django quickly destroyed it. A common problem with the Odin (according to Amazon reviews), dogs often discover the treats will dispense more quickly if they bite off the treat slot...

6. Barkbox Subscription ($20-29, depending on duration of subscription)

DJANGO Holiday Pet Gift Guide - Barkbox Subscription

Yes, your dog will probably destoy each new Barkbox toy in minutes... but the smile on your dog's face when he or she receives a box full of news toys will make it totally worth it (at least for a month or two). Save $4-9 by committing to a 6- or 12-month subscription or just purchase one Barkbox for $29. Available at

7. Chuckit! Ultra Grip Ball Launcher ($12)

DJANGO Holiday Dog Gift Guide - ChuckIt Ball Thrower on Amazon

This cool little device will throw a ball further and faster than you can imagine... and you'll never have to reach down to pick up a slobbery ball again. Your dog (and your arm) will thank you! Available on Amazon.

8. Bully Sticks 12-Pack ($39.95)

DJANGO Holiday Pet Gift Guide - 12-Pack of Bully Sticks on Amazon

Bully sticks are 100% beef dog chews that are made from the uncooked pizzle or penis of the bull (yep... interesting huh). Dogs love these high protein snack chews, including our little man Django. Look for USDA approved bully sticks that confirm no antibiotics, hormones or chemicals were used in the cow feed or treat. Available on Amazon or at your local pet store.

9. iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs ($115)

iFetch Interactive Dog Toy on Amazon

This automatic tennis ball launcher lets small dogs play fetch to their hearts' content. Yes, it may take you a year to train your dog to drop his tennis balls in the device... but once you do your dog will have the coolest and most entertaining dog toy out there. Available on Amazon.

10. DJANGO Reversible Puffer Winter Dog Coat ($48)

DJANGO's Reversible Puffer is an uber-comfy winter dog coat designed for the trail

Another DJANGO dog coat? Hear us out... The Reversible Puffer is insulated, durable and uber-comfy. We've received incredible feedback on the design and are thrilled to be outfitting small- and medium-sized adventure dogs all over the world! The windproof and weather-resistant outer shell provides warmth and protection from the elements. The 100% cotton interior lining is extremely soft, offering additional comfort and warmth for your adventure dog. Available on both DJANGO and Amazon, links below!

Available on Also available on Amazon.

11. KONG Classic Dog Toy ($4 to $12, price varies based on size)

DJANGO Holiday Dog Gift Guide 2017 - Classic KONG Dog Toy on Amazon

The KONG Classic is a staple for dogs and dog owners. Line this all-natural rubber dog toy with dog-friendly peanut butter to keep your pup entertained, mentally stimulated and satisfied. The best part? Unlike plush dog toys which get ripped apart in minutes, KONG's Classic Dog Toy is incredibly durable and long lasting (we've had ours for 2 years - since we got Django - and it still looks brand new). Available on Amazon.

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