Exciting News!

Exciting News!

We are excited to announce that Pacific Pup is rebranding! On May 8th we will officially begin operating under the brand name Django (pronounced jAn -go, the D is silent).

Why the change? We launched our company under the name Pacific Pup when we were living and adventuring in the Oregon and Washington state. To us, the name Pacific Pup encompasses west coast imagery of oceans, mountains, and trail heads. While our designs will always be inspired by west coast life (i.e. we know a lot about sourcing high-quality waterproof materials from our days in rainy Oregon) our true personality is bigger than one geographic area.

Materials & Design. Our New York City roots bring sophistication and fashion into each product design.

Style. Life on the Southern California coast is reflected in nautically-inspired items and an effortless sense of style.

Performance, Comfort, Durability. Our life in the Pacific Northwest is exhibited in product performance, comfort and durability. No dog needs a coat that looks good but can't withstand a strenuous hike up a muddy mountain trail and machine wash. Django products are built to withstand mud, dirt, water, and countless cycles in the washing machine.

Django is a versatile and fun name that allows us to grow a lifestyle brand of adventure and travel with dogs.

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