These Are The Most Popular Dog Names 2018-2019

December 15, 2017 2 Comments

DJANGO - The most popular dog and puppy names

Updated January 2019

The results are in!, the largest U.S. network of pet sitters and dog walkers, poured through their massive doggy database and released the most popular and trending dog names leading into 2019.

The Top 10 Female and Male Puppy Names

1. Bella 1. Max
2. Lucy 2. Charlie
3. Luna 3. Cooper
4. Daisy 4. Buddy
5. Lola 5. Jack
6. Sadie 6. Rocky
7. Molly 7. Duke
8. Bailey 8. Bear
9. Maggie 9. Tucker
10. Stella 10. Oliver

The Biggest Trends

Pop Culture

Dog owners love naming their pups after celebrities and celebrity babies! Music idol names like Cardi, Freddie Mercury and Gambino all surged in popularity in 2018. Celebrity babies names like Stormi (Kylie Jenner's baby), Luna (John Legend and Chrissy Teigan, and Stella also remained extremely popular.

Sci Fi names also grew in popularity on back of the popularity of fantasy movies and TV series. The most influential fantasy movies were Guardians of the Galaxy, Rogue One, and Wonder Woman. HBO's Westworld also inspired names Maeve, Dolores, Teddy, and Logan.

Human Names

Human names remain exceptionally popular. 36% of all 2018 dog names were human. 2018 also saw a rise in retro names like Minnie, Pearl, Willie, and Harry.

The top puppy names leading into 2017
Dog owners are foodies

A whopping 5% of all dog names were inspired by food in 2018! Popular brunch-inspired names include Biscuit, Cinnamon, Muffin, Waffles, and Beans. Spirits also provided a fun way to name your favorite four-legged friend. Names like Whiskey, Porter, Guinness and Brandy were huge in 2018.

Most Popular Names By City

Check out the most popular puppy names in your hometown by clicking on the city name below: 

  1. Chicago Dog Names
  2. Dallas Dog Names
  3. Denver Dog Names
  4. Houston Dog Names
  5. Los Angeles Dog Names
  6. New York Dog Names
  7. San Diego Dog Names
  8. San Francisco Dog Names
  9. Seattle Dog Names
  10. Washington D.C. Dog Names
  11. Boston Dog Names
  12. Austin Dog Names
  13. Baltimore Dog Names
  14. Philadelphia Dog Names
  15. Miami Dog Names

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September 27, 2018

@ERNST Broccoli is a phenomenal name for a rough haired doxie :) Love it!


July 08, 2018

My rough haired dachshund is called.. " Broccolli"

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