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August 27, 2021

DJANGO: Shop Stylish and Modern Cotton Rope Dog Leashes with Solid Cast Brass Hardware -

You and your dog will be the most stylish ones on the sidewalk with DJANGO's new handcrafted and hand-dyed solid and ombre cotton rope dog leashes. Crafted from soft and flexible three-strand natural cotton rope, the rope leashes are hand-spliced and the ends whipped, resulting in an incredibly strong yet effortlessly chic and comfortable dog lead.

A little backstory

Handmade cotton rope dog leashes were actually one of our very first designs back in 2017 when DJANGO first launched. At the time, our leashes were made-to-order. I (Steph) would handcraft each rope leash from my Portland, Oregon apartment. The process of sourcing naturally-dyed cotton rope, meticulously hand-splicing each rope leash, and then whipping the rope ends with waxed twine took much longer than I care to admit! I soon realized the time-intensive nature of our dog rope leashes was unsustainable, especially once our small dog accessories and apparel brand started growing. Just a few months after our rope leashes launched, they were pulled off of

We've been fortunate to grow our small U.S. family business over the past 4 years. As we've grown, we've built partnerships with some of the most reputable manufacturers and factories throughout the world. Last year, after many unsuccessful attempts over the years, we finally found a manufacturer who was able to meticulously produce our rope leashes according to our specifications. We are so thrilled to be able to share our new, beautiful cotton rope leashes with you today!

DJANGO: Shop stylish and beautifully crafted cotton rope leashes for small dogs and large dogs -

High quality construction, materials, and design

Sourcing high quality cotton rope

We are incredibly proud of the design and construction of our cotton rope leashes. The rope we source is made from very high quality 100% cotton yarns. It is strong yet extremely soft on the hands.

Our three-strand cotton rope is also very flexible and has natural give when pulled. This makes our rope choice especially effective for small and large dogs that pull. When your dog pulls, you can feel the natural stretch factor of our rope at play. This stretch works as a shock absorber; it creates a cushion from sudden moves that you or your dog make. Ultimately, this enhances comfort for both the dog and dog owner.

Before the dyeing process, the rope is a rich creamy white color. Unlike other rope leashes which tend to be thick and heavy (0.6 inch rope diameter or more), our rope is under 0.4 inches in diameter prior to the dyeing process. As the rope is hand-dyed with our natural dye, it slowly expands to its final diameter of 0.45 inches.

Solid cast brass hardware

We source high quality solid cast brass hardware for our cotton rope leashes as well as our best selling dog harnesses, dog collars, and various dog leashes. In addition to being an exceptionally strong and long-lasting metal—and also more expensive to source—solid brass adds a layer of style and sophistication that you rarely see elsewhere.

DJANGO cotton rope leashes feature a strong solid brass swivel snap hook, a solid brass O-ring to attach your waste bag holder or keys, and a chic brass DJANGO logo plate.

DJANGO: Shop stylish and beautifully crafted cotton rope leashes for small dogs and large dogs -

Hand-Spliced Rope Ends

To ensure DJANGO dog rope leashes will withstand the pull of the largest dogs and last for years, the rope handles and ends are hand-spliced and then whipped.

Rope splicing is an intricate and time-consuming process where two parts of the same rope (or two different ropes) are untwisted and then intertwined intricately together. Unlike a rope knot which can unravel or a metal clasp that can lose its grip on fine rope strands over time, rope splicing creates a permanent stopper that maintains the rope's maximum and original strength.

A lot of manual labor goes into rope splicing. When done correctly, hand-spliced rope ends increase both the durability and strength of the rope dog leash. Rope leashes without spliced ends will be more prone to weakness and/or unraveling over time.

Whipped Ends Add Additional Strength and Longevity

Whipping in ropework is the process where the end of a rope is bound with resilient, waterproof twine to prevent the rope's natural tendency to fray. Similar to rope splicing, whipping is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. When done with skill, whipped rope ends will result in an even stronger dog leash that can withstand the pull of the most aggressive and large dogs and last for years and years of use.

DJANGO: Shop stylish and beautifully crafted cotton rope leashes for small dogs and large dogs -

For small, medium, and large dogs

Our 0.45 inch rope diameter and durable solid cast brass hardware make DJANGO rope leashes tough enough for large dogs, while still lightweight enough for small dogs. Despite their strength and resilience, our ombre and solid rope leashes weigh just over 5 oz (150g) each! Leash length is a generous 5.5 feet (168 cm) as well.

Our rope leashes have a strong and very high quality solid cast brass swivel snap hook. Measuring 2.6 inches x 1.25 inches, this solid brass hook may be slightly too heavy for small dogs (< 15-20 lbs) that only wear collars. For our smallest four-legged friends, consider pairing your DJANGO rope leash with one of our best selling dog harnesses.

Complete your set for the ultimate look

All of our cotton rope leashes pair beautifully with our best selling Adventure Dog Harnesses, comfortable and durable Adventure Dog Collars, and chic waste bag holders.

We truly hope you and your dog love our new cotton rope leashes! Shop the collection at


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